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ZTE MF93 Antenna


ZTE MF93 Aerial Antenna - Brand New High Gain 9dBi 4G LTE antenna for MF93E MF93D Mobile Hotspot

  • Type: 3G/4G External antenna/Signal Booster for ZTE MF93D MF93E all MF93 Series
  • Frequency: 850~ 2600MHz for 3G && 4G Mobile networks
  • Antenna Height: 17 cm
  • Antenna Gain: 9dBi
  • Connector: TS-9 with pin
  • Physical Support: Desk
  • Base: magnetic suctioncup
  • VSWR:≤2.5
  • Polarization Type:Vertical
  • Maximum Imput Power:15W
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Color: Black

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